Comments No Longer Publicly Visible; Proxy BAN in development

Reader comments to stories on this site are now only visible to paying subscribers.   I am being deluged with complaints about some of the comments and, it turns out, most of these complaints are coming from the public.  No more.

Moreover, it is now clear that this site has become the intended target of organizations or groups whose mission it is to either troll, disrupt, or otherwise make un-enjoyable, the features of this site. 

Far and away, most (all actually) of those individuals are coming into this site via Proxies.  VPN's.

I know that Cloudfront can deny site access to anonymous and autonomous proxies/VPN's, but I don't know if Amazon Web Services (AWS) - which is what this site uses - can as well.

I have directed my computer people to look into it.

Those of you using proxies may suddenly find yourselves unable to access this site.  This is just a heads-up that we're working on doing that.


UPDATE 12:50 PM EDT --

It turned out that AWS can implement proxy bans and has a really simple tool for doing exactly that.  Now, a Proxy/VPN user who tries to get to the site, won't even reach my server.  AWS uses their DNS servers to scan for proxy scripts and if it finds one, the site request goes to an Amazon firewall server . . . the request never even gets to my server.  A Proxy ban has now been implemented.  Anonymous proxies (and many VPN's) can no longer access this site. 

Within seconds of being implemented, the outbound bandwidth of this site dropped by about 40 MB per second.  This should cut my site hosting costs considerably.

I am still $787 short of funding for July, in case some of you have not donated.


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