July Fund-Raising Update

July Fund-Raising Update

UPDATED 5:53 PM EDT Monday, June 29: This web site and radio show is presently about $534. SHORT of the needed money to continue operation in July.  

I have only TONIGHT AND TOMORROW remaining to raise funding to pay the bills on the first of July.

Those bills are auto-debited from my checking account.   If the charge comes in, but there aren't enough funds to pay it, the charge gets declined.

If the funding has not come in by Late Monday, the LIVE STREAMING INTERNET FEEDS will be put behind subscription so only those signed up and supporting this site can access them.  That would cut off most of the general public. The load balancing system will have to be scaled way back, limiting the number of folks who can actually click to listen live.  

Just to show you what it's really like to deal with the general public, take a look at the Unique Visitors to this ONE story (HERE).  51,810 people stopped by to read it.   This other story had another 34,610 unique readers (HERE).   

Out of all those people, a grand total of Ninety-one (91)  bothered to donate anything.

This is what the general public actually is.  The question now becomes, are THEY, you?   Are you one who comes, takes, and gives back nothing, or are you a person who pulls their own weight?

I have the rest of today and tomorrow to raise funding for this site and radio show to continue in operation for the month of July.  IT TAKES ABOUT $4800 A MONTH TO KEEP THIS SHOW AND WEB SITE ALIVE.  AS OF TODAY, $4,268.00 HAS COME IN.
Still short $534.00

The costs to put this show on Global High Frequency Radio Stations WBCQ, WRMI, and regular AM station KYAH include:

Air Time, Fiber Optic lines to carry the show to the stations, music licensing costs for the bumper music, Internet connection, web site hosting costs, six telephone lines, computer software licensing and such.   It costs about $4800 a month to have the radio show airing five days a week, and to pay the costs of this web site.

This entire endeavor relies upon YOU to exist.

If you enjoy the stories found on this site - many of which the mass-media reports long AFTER this site . . . and if you enjoy the real free speech heard on the radio show, PLEASE make a donation right now, using the DONATE button below.  Without YOU, this endeavor ceases to exist.

Every little bit helps, so please donate SOMETHING.  

Those of you who cannot or will not use online financial transactions, can MAIL cash, check or money order to:

Harold Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ   07047-1902

Those outside the USA can donate CASH and it will be converted to US dollars when it arrives here.